Trump Is Bad At Handshakes: French Edition

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  • Folks, I’ve been covering the “Trump Handshake” circuit for — why, as long as I can remember! There was Trump’s real messed up handshake with the Japanese PM, there was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau giving Trump’s hand a look of disdain, there was Trump’s messed up non handshake with Angela Merkel, possibly because he is terrified of strong women, and just earlier this week, there was the war of the Trump like handshakes with Tajikistan’s president — and now folks! We got France. And look. The French are a subtle people. They will respect the American presidency of course, of course, but with a finesse and class worthy of the people of France — as can be seen when President Macron, who beat Trump’s favorite, the more fascist friend Marine Le Pen, head of the National Front, just crushed his dumb insecure hand up good.

  • Oh hells yeah, look at Trump’s annoyed little face! People catch on to your crappy tricks when you telegraph them to everyone with a working screen — which often include leaders on the national stage! And thus, the president who represents so much of what Trump is not, showed up his bad handshake up but good.

  • I wonder who will mess with Trump’s stupid hand next? Who do you think it should be? Screw it, we listen, we’ll send it to the universe. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending

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