Candidate for Congress BODYSLAMS Reporter

Guys, politics is bad now.
By Alex Firer
  • Republican Greg Gianforte — who is running in a special congressional election BODYSLAMMED a reporter for the Guardian, as can be heard on an absolutely ridiculous and deeply insane audio track that has been uploaded to YouTube on Thursday morning.

    The reporter was one Ben Jacobson, who continues to report well after being body slammed— heck, the poor guy reports his own body slam, narrating what’s happening into his tape recorder saying —

    “You just body slammed me and broke my glasses.” – A Body Slammed Reporter

    So who is this creep Gianforte who seems proud about body slamming a journalist as if that means anything? Well, he’s a tech billionaire who moved to Montana in the mid 90’s and currently believes Trump’s ties to Russia shouldn’t be investigated. Also beats up reporters I guess!? None of it good.

    Also, what does he mean when he says “You’ll have to talk to Shane” seconds before body slamming? Who is Shane? Is Shane the name of the floor?

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