Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Lets You See Chickens DESTROY T-REX

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • For the longest time the #1 question on the internet’s mind is “who would win in a fight”. Take out the x and y quantifiers, and in any sense, the argument remains the same. Who would win, friends? Would The Hulk beat Thor? Would the horse sized ducks beat the duck sized horses? Would one thousand chickens beat twenty t-rex? Well, thanks to the new Steam game, “Ultimate Battle Simulator”, we can witness just such a thing, and folks — according to this intense computer simulation — buddy, the T-Rex eat it.

    The chickens get stomped pretty good, but they overrun the seven t-rex ably, like ants crawling onto a poor soul, devouring it fully, pecking at their ankles? Honestly, this still seems unlikely. The chickens in the video almost peck away at the T-Rex as if they had hit points — but who am I to argue with a video so cool? A lovely lovely show.

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