John Oliver DESTROYS Trump Leaving Paris Accords, Sings “Be Our Guest”

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  • John Oliver has been a welcome tonic in this awful age of Trump. While we have Stephen Colbert or Seth Meyers to playfully rib the news, or Samantha Bee to be outraged at it, John Oliver is the only comedy news man who looks at the news, and breaks down fact by fact for us why we are going to die because of it. It’s the anxious thought in the back of our head that repeats itself every couple of seconds whenever Trump speaks, and it’s been at it’s loudest in the past week, not least because Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, the world’s last ditch attempt to fix the environment.

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  • As John Oliver points out — the consequences for pulling out go beyond his unbleievably dumb rejection of the concept of climate change. For one, the American economy is further bruised by Trump’s rejection of tax cuts for investments into renewable energy sources. America more or less made a decision, because of Trump, to cede supremacy to China. And of course, there’s the actual climate change — we might have only twenty years until the effects of climate change are irreversible. And Trump is hurrying that timetable in his efforts to no doubt ruin everyone’s life for zero reason as he golfs into eternity.

    Trump stinks. But at least you can watch John Oliver perform be our guest! That’s a treat, right?

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