Drake and Josh NO MORE?? Drake Cuts Ties With Josh Over WEDDING SNUB

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  • Say it ain’t so folks, say it ain’t so! In this cold and darkened world we often looked to the friendship of Nickelodeon stars Drake and Josh to keep us afloat — but now that might be a friendship that is no more after Josh Peck posted photos of his wedding and his co-star from his old show — Drake Bell — was nowhere to be seen! We got John Stamos, his co-star from Grandfathered, but no Drake Bell! I mean, luckily Drake Bell’s feelings weren’t hurt. I mean, no way. Haha, right? These guys are friends, right? Good friends. Haha, right? Haha—

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  • N—no! No! Drake and Josh — friends no more!? Are they more just Drake!? Or just Josh!? Drake Bell soon deleted the Tweets, but clearly he was hurt by Josh Peck’s wedding snub! Is this the end of this friendship that off screen and off thrilled a young nation?! What does any of it mean? And is it weird that celebrities rage post just like all of us, only instead of just making their immediate friends feel weird it makes everyone feel weird?! I don’t know. But you probably do right?

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