Beyoncé’s Father Attacked By Beyhive For Twins Announcement

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  • Look, our goofy dads will always embarrass us. But we are not Beyoncé, and we don’t have the Beyhive by our sides to attack anyone who crosses us even if the person is— our own father!? The Beyhive showed off its crueler side when it attacked Beyoncé’s father for Tweeting a congratulations to Beyoncé on the birth of her new twins — but the Beyhive was outraged! How dare he announce these two babies before Beyoncé does! Does he not know his daughter belongs to the WORLD now!?

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  • In any case, the Beyhive had a little justification for themselves stemming from Matthew’s differences in the past as Beyoncé’s manager. But I ask you folks! Is that any reason to yell at someone’s dad for spoiling the surprise of kids that aren’t even yours?!

    Well, tell us in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, why not! Has your dad ever announced the birth of your world famous twins? Just let us know, folks, let us know!

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