Reporter BARFED ON In Fourth of July NEWS GOOF

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  • Being a journalist can be a messy situation. Sometimes you have to deal with crooked politicians, lying businessmen and difficult sources to get a good story. And sometimes you have to get barfed on during a Hermosa Beach Iron Man competition. KTLA Reporter Wendy Burch was hosting from an Iron Man competition on Hermosa Beach on the fourth of July, when the man she was interviewing got sprayed down with some barf. Unfortunately for her some of the barf chunks hit her! Gross. The camera then glitched out, but Wendy didn’t know that and — true professional that she is — she kept going. In a blog post she wrote that the man she was interviewing had the words “puke here” written in magic marker on his back. Who knew someone would actually take him up on the offer.

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