Pence Sees “Do Not Touch” Sign on Equipment. Touches Equipment.

Ah, the administration's awfulness distilled into a single image.
By Alex Firer
  • Trump might be one of the darker, weirder presidents we’ve had, but in this age of memes, photos and whatnot, his weird old self is also the most memeable. Take for example when Mike Pence went to NASA and put his hand on a piece of equipment labeled “Critical Space Flight Hardware – DO NOT TOUCH”. Well, I mean, the administration has already broken more normal human boundaries than you know — other people or humans or whatever. What’s one little sign for Mike Pence? He touched! And then the memers jumped in.

  • Then Mike Pence got in on it, and thus the meme is dead. Way to go, Pence. You touch rockets, you fuck up memes. Get outta here Pence! Pence!!!

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