Police WRONGFULLY ACCUSES Venus Williams of Being at Fault in Fatal Car Crash

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  • Security camera footage captured the moment tennis star Venus Williams’s SUV was struck by another driver, which resulted in a fatality. However, police in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, initially blamed Williams for the accident.

    Tennis legend Venus Williams was involved in unfortunate accident near her Florida home last month. The other vehicle was being driven by Linda Barson. Both she and her husband Jerome were badly injured in the accident. Jerome died of his injuries at the age of 78.

    Immediately, the police blamed Venus for the accident without any investigation.

    Attorney Steven Gilmore told The Nation magazine, “It is a national trend that police officers do not issue public, definitive-sounding findings at the scene of accidents in advance of investigations because it draws them into civil suits. It is also very odd, there was a kiosk and video camera at the scene and that they did not look at the video tape before finding fault with Ms. Williams. This is an act of negligence by police, but they have qualified impunity from most acts of negligence. That’s the reality.”

    So, without doing any investigation, police were claiming that an elderly man was dead and it was all because of Venus Williams negligence.

    This tragedy has followed Venus to Wimbeldon, where tennis reporters asked her to speak about the accident.

    However, footage discovered by TMZ shows Williams was driving lawfully.

    TMZ found security camera footage showing Venus’s SUV being cut off by a Nissan turning left in front of her.  As Venus tries to clear the intersection, she is struck by the Barsons. Palm Beach Gardens police changed their report to say Williams was acting inside the law when the accident occurred.

    That’s right, TMZ actually cleared a celebrity’s name! 2017 is a weird year.

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