Stephen Colbert Runs Us Through The Saga of Donald Trump Jr

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  • At this point, all of us have heard about the ridiculous and insane saga of Donald Trump Jr — he who has provided his own incredibly damning evidence of e-mails of meetings between him and Russia, and last night Stephen Colbert covered this insane sickness in the American system on his show in a brilliant way — by acting out this weird spy novel of dumbpoopery that is this entire situation.

    Colbert acts it all out — pretending to be everyone, from the Russian lawyer to Donald Trump Jr to finally coming to the conclusion — how could Donald Trump Jr imaginably think he’s innocent in all this? DTJr claims it’s so because he never got any information about Clinton, which Colbert points out is bananas — it’s like claiming you can’t be indicted for robbing a house because you never found anything in it.

    In short, it’s all for the benefit of one boy. One perfect little boy. We are of course discussing. Little Timmy Kislyak.

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