Police Save Goofy Bear From Head Stuck In Jar

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • We all love our children’s stories of the goofy little bears of the worlds. Your Winnie the Poohs, your Yogi the Bears, your “Finnish Guy Screams at Bear and Bear Runs Away” viral video— and there’s this. A cute little bear in La Verne, California who got his sweet little bear cub head caught in a jug. The beginning of the video is cute — but for the bear, I’m sure, sad and scary, as he wiggles about in utter fear, his vision — jug obscured! Poor little fella! O, alas!

    The video ends with the police and the local wildlife department holding down the bear and pulling the jug off his little bear head, causing him to run away! Remember that guilty pug? Look, sometimes animals in trouble is just cute. It just can’t be too much trouble, got that partner? I know you got it!

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