Truck Full of SLIMY EELS Breaks Open on Highway

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  • What’s the grossest thing you think you’re going to see today? Some goofy slime? A little puppy screaming? Because we here at What’s Trending are going to top it by discussing this truck with 7,500 pounds of slime covered eels that turned over on a highway in Oregon.

  • Eww.

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  • Eww!!! Ewwwww!!!!

    The eels were on their way to South Korea to be eaten, and according to Mashable, they’re known as hagfish and they secrete slime from their body when agitated — so 7,500 lbs of eels got in a car accident and thus produced — ALL THE SLIME YOUR LITTLE SOUL COULD WANT. Which for me — I wanted zero eel slime! Eww eww eww!

    Look at these wriggling things — it’s like a horror movie vomited all over the place and rather than clean it up, it took you aside and said “pretty cool right my bro?”, and you couldn’t respond because your jaw was just hanging in sheer terror and what can only be described as an endless torrent of slime and terror. Terrible! Why does this exist! Why!?



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