Redditor Builds Shrine to Terry Crews in Brother’s Home

Good prank, worthy of Mr. Crews!
By Alex Firer
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  • While housesitting for his brother, one Reddit user set up a shrine to actor Terry Crews in the entryway of the house.

    Redditor BiPolarBear911 posted the photo with the caption, “My brother and his fiancé left me their house for the weekend. So I made a Terry Crews shrine in their entryway.”

    Cause, you know, that’s what siblings do. They trust each other to watch their homes, but they also mess with your stuff to drive you crazy. The photo became wildly popular on Reddit, and users had suggestions to make the shrine more effective. User connormantoast replies, “Have every screen in the house play old spice commercials when they arrive as well.”, and user Scizmz says, “What about cut scenes from all of his movies… like Blended? Or Longest Yard?” A lot of people suggested filling the air with Old Spice body sprays, and I say why not!

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