Man SHOCKED That His Dick Pic Got Sent to His MOM

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  • Man, come on dick pic sharers, its 2017 — do you still not understand how obnoxious, awful and just personal boundary breaking sending an unsolicited dick pic is? Folks, come on. This is a lesson learned as shamelessly ironically as possible. Madi wrote in her Tinder bio “If you send me dick pics, I will send them to your mom.” A good joke, ain’t it? A nice commentary on the endless barrage of dick pics girls online get? Well, one giant creep couldn’t take the hint, and after being rejected on Tinder, he ended up messaging the girl a photo of his dick on Instagram, and Madi made good on her promise on forwarded it to the guy’s mother.

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  • She found the mother using detective work — finding the guy’s full name on his Instagram, finding him on Facebook and finding his mother the same way — she then messaged the mother both the photo of the dick and a brief message asking her to tell her son not to send her dick to women. The mother then responded with absolute sweetness and shock to the message

    Amazingly enough, the dude responded with this — “If that was ‘me’ what she did was illegal. You can’t share those types of ‘private’ pics without consent. I am not sure if you are aware of that.” Buddy. Are you really talking about consent after forcing a young lady to look at your dick? Are you serious right now? Are you actually serious?


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