4,000 Year Old Fidget Spinner Found!

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  • Arielle Pardes of WIRED magazine recently tweeted this photo of a museum artifact listed as a spinning toy that looks exactly like a fidget spinner.

    It’s hard to believe, but the hottest new toy isn’t that new.

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  • I can’t believe how much this spinning toy looks like a fidget spinner!

    Or as it’s known by it’s scientific name “Paleo Fidgetis.”

    Lots of people’s minds are blown seeing a fidget spinner that’s older than the alphabet.

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  • So, where did this thing come from?

    According to the placard, the spinner toy came from Tell Asmar, a mound ruin 80 miles outside of Baghdad in Iraq.

    The ruins are of the ancient Sumerian city of Eshnunna. The city was a major city in the early days of human civilization.

    In fact, Tell Asmar is famous for another archeological find.

    The Tell Asmar Hoard is a collection of statues found in the area. While also well-preserved, the statues are peculiar for their large, expressive eyes.

    Does that sound familiar to you… ?

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  • So, ancient Sumerians invented the fidget spinner and the Bratz doll!

    And if you’ve heard people complain that there aren’t any original ideas anymore, that idea is also not original.

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  • What do you think of the 4,000 year old fidget spinner? Let us know in the comments below or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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