Top White House Officials FOOLED By E-Mail Prankster

He really made them look ridiculous!
By Alex Firer
  • I don’t know how this story kind of went under the radar, but here we are — the same administration that harangued Hillary Clinton over and over again for her e-mails and how they got tricked by maybe or maybe not the Russians — top aides in the Trump administration got tricked by an absurdly and weirdly obvious figure — known as @SINON_REBORN on Twitter. Sinon hacked no one, he did not mask the e-mails he created instead — as he says —

  • So what was in those e-mails? Well, he started out with a fake e-mail made on an Outlook address that made it seem as if it was from Jared Kushner and he e-mailed the Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert, inviting him out a dinner. The security adviser then gave the fake Jared Kushner his e-mail apropos of nothing — which is pretty insanely weird considering that a big part of Bossert’s job is cyber security. There’s more posted all over his Twitter feed — as even Eric Trump is tricked into thinking that he’s chatting with his brother.

  • But why did he target Scaramucci? Well, according to Sinon it was due to Scarmucci’s mocking of the disabled — something seemingly shared by this entire goldamned administration.

  • This isn’t this prankster’s first foray into this kind of thing, as additionally he’s e-mailed Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and Michael Corbat of Citigroup earlier this year. The prankster is currently hosting a GoFundMe to prank more and release a book about it, and if there’s any interest to donate to that kind of thing you can find the book here.

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