Donald Trump Was Offered Role Of President in Sharknado 3

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    I am sad to say the Sharknado universe is less stupid than our own.

  • Sometimes in our day to day we get glimpses of other — much better universes. Alternate timelines — worlds either much better or worse than our own. And sometimes — heck, especially in the last year — it feels like we’re the ridiculous universe, and if you’re wondering which one is the better one, apparently it’s the one of Sharknado 3, because they offered the role of the president to Donald Trump back in 2015 and it just never worked out. That’s right, like our universe, the universe of Sharknado 3 — the Syfy movie series about a tornado of sharks —flirted with the concept of making Donald Trump — tacky American garbage pee man — our president, but unlike our universe resisted it!

    Sure, the Sharknado universe might be visited on by a hurricane of sharks, but jeez louise, at least the president there never pulled out of G20 or messed with our healthcare or whatever. And hell, you think with our global warming levels a Sharknado could even survive in such an environment? I have terrible news, in our universe the Sharknado would die out as its food sources disappeared due to global warming. How is the Sharknado universe more progressive than ours that they had a chance to make Donald Trump president and didn’t!? This is terrible. I don’t know if I like this one bit.

    So who was the president in Sharknado 3? It was Mark Cuban who’s been a vocal critic of Trump and also, as far as we know, not a Russian colluding weirdo. Great.

    What do you think of the Sharknado universe’s superiority to our own universe? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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