Watchable Presents: Money Matters

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  • Folks, money matters — we all know this, but how do we get more of that sweet sweet green? How do we maximize our use of the sweet sweet green? How do we put that sweet sweet green into specialty savings accounts and start small businesses which eventually balloon into career defining legacies using that sweet sweet green? Well watch and learn from these incredible Watchable segments.

    Take the story of Scott Alan Turner — a man who went from being 70,000 dollars in debt to being a millionaire at 35 years old — all through the power of knowing how to save. He gives you financial advice in this segment along the lines of — you know — not buying what you don’t need. Like cars and such — and watch where your money is coming from and save your money in an emergency fund. Sound advice, from a very sound man! Thank you Mr. Turner!

    Additional stories include Sean Conlon who talks about how growing up poor helped raise him to become someone who’s very frugal with money, Ryan Secret’s e-mail habits (hint — two line e-mails help cut down on time) and Marian Ilitch who invested her life savings in a pizza chain that ended up becoming… Papa John’s. These stories and more! Check it out!

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