Eclipse Fever Takes Over Nation

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  • Folks, the eclipse is slowly rolling over our nation, and it’s a pure and beautiful things. It happens so rarely — the last one was in 1979, and as the eclipse slowly enriches where you live, you can follow it along in many ways. For one, you can buy Eclipse Glasses and witness the majesty of our natural cosmic order that way. Remember — DO NOT STARE DIRECTLY INTO THE ECLIPSE and don’t think regular sunglasses will do the trick either, they won’t sun is too darn bright! Of course, you can follow along as well with NASA’s live feed as they follow the eclipse to and fro.

  • The eclipse right now is following a strict schedule — starting out in Portland and moving across the country. Few places will experience The Great American eclipse in its totality — and this map of where the eclipse will hit the hardest is very helpful — (for example, us in Los Angeles will not really experience the eclipse in its full power, but it’s still cool!). A map of the eclipse’s journey can be found here, courtesy of NASA.

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