Army of Animators Reanimated Super Mario Cartoon to be INSANE

The "Mama Luigi" project is bananas!
By Alex Firer
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  • I love a good exquisite corpse — the name given to an art project created by a variety of creators, and this one is a delightful doozy. A seeming army of animators took the reigns on a fun project — reanimating an episode of the old Super Mario Bros cartoon — one titled specifically “Mama Luigi” to be fun, weird and odd. While the original cartoon is bananas bland mess, the remake is fun, odd, surreal, with every few frames feeling like a bold new sublime artistic adventure. We see Luigi be hyper-realistic, grotesque, we see Mario’s face roll around the room when he laughs at Luigi be called “mama” by the young Yoshi, and more, so so so much more. Cameos from Paper Mario 2 characters abound for some reason, but so does just general glimpses of artistry from an incredible army of such.

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