Awesome Kid Calls Infowars Host “A F***ing Idiot”

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  • It is said in the mouths of the young lies wisdom — wisdom such as “Infowars sucks” and “You’re a fucking idiot” when specifically spoken to an Infowars host. For those not in the know, Alex Jones’ Infowars is a media outlet that delights in spreading misinformation that often has very real consequence. Pizzagate — the completely fake rumor that Hillary Clinton and her cohorts were running a child sex ring from the basement of a pizza shop. It’s a rumor that ended in a man coming down to the pizza place with a gun only to be arrested once he found out there was nothing there. Currently Infowars is promoting Trump’s hard right nationalist agenda in the news they do, so hey— we can’t blame this kid for, upon being asked “How are you young man”, looked askew at this goon and his terrible “Enjoy Nationalism” shirt and said “You’re a fucking idiot”.

    Folks, it’s awesome. This same reporter who helps promote fake stories with real and tragic consequences — such as the idea that the Sandy Hook shooting was faked — feigns shock at all the swearing this kid does. He asks them where they learned such terms, to which the child responds “from my mother” before walking away with a glorious flip off to this ding dong.

    Their mother taught them well.

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