Watch This Trampoline Just Fly Into The Sky

Fly, trampoline, fly!
By Alex Firer
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  • The trampoline — the poor soul feeling imprisoned, worried it can never show off its magic trampoline powers. Sure, the trampoline is jumped on, but you think the trampoline itself never dreams of taking into the sky!? You think the trampoline never had a fantasy of flying through the air with nothing but the wind behind it? Ha, I chortle loudly! Of course it has! That’s why this video is so inspiring! The moment the trampoline flies into the clouds, it is the clarion call of freedom! Fly, trampoline fly!

    It really brings a tear to your eye to see such a potent metaphor and we can only imagine the adventures the trampoline will go on next. Will it meet the people of the super sky? Will it get caught in a cloud and an angel will jump on it? Will it fall down in the neighbor’s yard and just kind of stay there? Folks, it fell down in the neighbor’s yard and kind of stayed there. Oops.

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