The world is a weird place
By Allie Dietz
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  • The world is full of crazy moments and questionable people. This week that was proven when a nurse was arrested for not letting a cop take blood from an unconscious patient. The quite obvious reason she denied the cop was unfortunately met with the cop being… hurt? Seems the man didn’t like hearing “no” from a woman. One other woman decided to rival the cop in questionable decision making this last week when she took maternity photos covered in bees. Yes, bees.Twenty-thousand bees to be exact. It’s gotta be hard being that much of a bad ass. Of course, it runs in the blood of all women, and the bearded lady- model is giving her a run for her money. Of course, she points out that many men are intimidated by her beard being better than theirs. Truly unfortunate they are so intimidated by strong women.

    One strong man making headlines though, is Mario, the former plumber. Not quite sure when he quit his day job, but his bio says “some time ago.”

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