Dog Does Handstands While Peeing

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  • Sure, you think you can pee. Any old goon can just pee, but it takes a true canine dog talent to stand on your front legs and walk around while you pee. A true canine talent, say I, and that is exactly what this glorious animal has showcased for us with its badass pee style. Never did I thought I would be one upped by a dog mid urination but here I am. You think I can mark my territory that handily? Nay, my friends, I cannot.

    According to The Dodo, smaller dogs walk on their front paws to pee in order to make the pee arch higher and make it seem as if a bigger dog made the pee, as a warning to other dogs who would want to come onto this marked on territory. Dogs are very cute, even when they’re in a literal pissing match in front of the entire world and also What’s Trending Dot Com.

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