Nerdist Creates INCREDIBLE 80’s Style Trailer for Thor: Ragnarok

By Alex Firer
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  • Marvel movies are the epitome of modern blockbuster madness — these vast stylized beasts that are usually part 19 in a 40 part film saga involving a superhero created 80 years ago in a much different environment. 80’s film trailers however are different than these sleek animals — they are more than happy to pile on the geeky nature of genre filmmaking, and the good people at Nerdist celebrated that by cutting a trailer for the upcoming Thor movie as an 80’s style movie trailer.

    You get everything we miss so dearly about these kinds of movies — the VHS quality of transfer, the slightly cheaper special effects — to details as small as — yeah, movie stars named Chris today would have been named Christopher in the 80’s. Good observation Nerdist guys! The coolest little touch though? Definitely seeing a young Jeff Goldblum and watching the Lou Ferrigno Hulk take the place of the modern one. That’s right, you think state of the art CGI mo cap animation can top a dude painted green!? Think again!

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