Did Jay-Z Turn Down Performing at Superbowl 2018?

And if he did, was it due to the NFL's treatment of Colin Kaepernick?
By Alex Firer
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    Source: www.latimes.com / Via: www.trbimg.com

  • If the rumors are to believed, it’s a bold move to be sure, and a real “putting your money where your mouth is” move from Jay-Z. Jay-Z was reportedly asked to play the Super Bowl — following many before him from Lady Gaga to Bruno Mars to his own wife Beyonce just a few years before — and the legendary rapper REFUSED.

    It’s a bold choice, and one done for wonderful reasons. Reportedly this is connected to the song that Jay-Z dedicated to Colin Kaepernick — the football player who knelt for the National Anthem to protest the killing of black people by the police — and it was a move that cost Kaepernick politically. Despite being an incredible football player, he did not get a position on an NFL team. This is what Jay-Z is protesting by refusing to play the Super Bowl — and it’s an incredible move that shows an artist putting his money where his mouth is politically — something that, as the Spicer appearance at the Emmy’s shown — is harder and harder to do these days.

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