America Falls in Love With Runaway Brooklyn Cow Who is Metaphor For Us All

Run little cow, run!
By Alex Firer
  • Not since those llamas went on the run, in the more halcyon year that was 2015, have we had something quite so exciting with a runaway animal — or frankly quite so emblematic of today’s era. A baby cow has escaped from a slaughter house, you see, and is now running around Prospect Park, Brooklyn. We have reports the cow is a metaphor for all of us, here, now, trapped in our realities like animals in a slaughter house, wanting to escape.

    Here is a live feed of the animal running through the world, without a care.

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  • Run little cow, run! Live out the dreams that the rest of society wishes they could, to run from the metaphorical slaughter house of our lives! Brooklyn cow, show them a fight! Show them a fight!

    Here are some Twitter reactions to all of this good glory.

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