Heck Why Not Dept: Michael Bay Producing Dora the Explorer Movie

Explorers! More than meets the eye...
By Alex Firer
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  • Heck, why not. If you were a fan of all things comedy in the early aughts you knew one particularly hacky premise — Dora the Explorer. But this time, Dora is scary, or whatever, or Swiper goes to real jail… something that involves our beloved Nick Jr. kids show star doing something unbecoming of a Nick Jr. kids show star. Well, guess what jerks! Your shitty sketch dreams came true! Michael Bay is producing the Dora the Explorer movie! That’s right, the Michael Bay behind Transformers, Armageddon, and many, many other overly violent explosionagraphies is going to produce the adorable show about a little girl and a monkey who talk to the viewer and look for clues.

    The original show followed in the mold of Blue’s Clues and involved a girl looking for clues as the viewer at home was encouraged to shout out the answer. Although, now I am sure it will be replaced by an audience chanting “explosions, explosions” and it will absolutely be a thing.

    Nick Stoller, who worked on Captain Underpants and co-wrote the new Muppet movie, is directing and writing, but wouldn’t it be fun if it was a violent splatter fest with The Rock as Swiper? IDK.

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