ScreenJunkies Brings Updates on Andy Signore Situation

By Alex Firer
The brand is trying to move forward after firing Andy Signore about whom stories of harassment have come forward.
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  • In the past month, stories of sexual abuse, along with damning screenshots of texts to co-workers and fans, have come out about ScreenJunkies founder Andy Signore, of which you can read more here. Before it was unveiled, ScreenJunkies’ Defy human resources hid the allegations until they were brought to the public leading to the firing of Andy Signore. Some of the important voices in ScreenJunkies have met to openly discuss these allegations and what they mean for the ScreenJunkies community and the production and work that they do.

    A big thing they discuss is actions going forward. They will be implementing tougher guidelines concerning interactions with fans, and the next few segments of their news program will be devoted to the issue at hand — the allegations and consent and those in power using harassment which has been an issue in many people — from Harvey Weinstein to George H. W. Bush. The video even discussed the human resources errors.

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