Robert Rodriguez Talks About Casting Rose McGowan as F*** You to Harvey Weinstein

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  • The allegations against Harvey Weinstein are a watershed moment for how our country talks about and treats sexual assault, and the behavior of powerful men is no longer simply ignored or brushed aside. A question persisting about the Weinstein allegations is what did people know and what did they do about it? Some have feigned a lack of knowledge, such as Ben Affleck, and others have apologized for doing nothing, such as Quentin Tarantino. One person who decided to quietly act against Weinstein’s repulsive behavior in his own way was Robert Rodriguez, when he cast Rose McGowan as the lead in his film Planet Terror in Grindhouse.

    In a letter to Variety, which can be read here, Robert Rodruigez outlined how Rose McGowan told him about the assault from Weinstein and about how he couldn’t publicly talk about it due to the NDA she signed. Rodriguez told her he would write her a bad ass role in the film — and that he did, something he claims led Weinstein to bury the production. Hopefully Rose McGowan will get more roles now that Weinstein is deposed.

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