Surrogate Mom Unknowingly Gives Birth To BIOLOGICAL Son!? HOW?

A surrogate mother thought she was giving birth to twins for a nice couple, but one ended up being her son. Huh?
By Alex Firer

  • A surrogate mother thought she was giving birth to twins for a nice couple, but one ended up being her son. Huh?

    Jessica Allen decided to be a surrogate for a Chinese couple and eventually gave birth to what she thouuuught were identical twin boys last December. The babies were taken away to the legal parents before Jessica could get a gooood look at em

    Even though in her contract it says she could spend an hour with them before being taken. The next day, the twins mom stopped by and showed her a picture of them on her cellphone.

    Jessica said QUOTE, “Wow! They look different,” and claims she snatched back the phone quickly, but she brushed it off because don’t be crazy, Jess.

    Then after a few weeks Jessica got a text from the supposed mother with photos of both boys. She was asking if they looked different to her. So a DNA test was done and it determined that one of the boys was in fact Jessica and her husband Wardell’s baby child.

    Y’all this is a rare medical phenomenon called superfetation.

    It’s when a woman continues to ovulate even after becoming pregnant. Jessica says that her and her husband followed doc’s orders and didn’t have sex until it was confirmed she was pregnant.

    But in the early stages of the pregnancy, they must’ve gotten busy because boom she got pregnant again. This time with their own kid. The couple already had two kids and immediately started panicking because like…. they obviously didn’t plan on this happening.

    But, still this was their kid and they were ready to take him home. But um….. that was gonna prove to be more difficult than expected. The surrogate agency, Omega Family Global had begun caring for the child because the Chinese couple wanted nothing to do with him. HOWEVER

    The couple did want $22,000 in exchange for JESSICA’S OWN child. That SHE birthed. That had her and her husband’s DNA. Wild. The intended mother was saying she was going to give him up for adoption if they didn’t pay. Now Jessica is a kinder soul than I because she doesn’t even blame the mother.

    She said QUOTE, “It’s not her fault … The agency put it in her head that I was going to try to sue her. I never said those words.” They ended up needing to hire lawyers because on multiple occasions the couple would not give him back.

    Like this could have been so easy this is not your kid, you don’t want him, she isn’t suing you, they just want their child. But eventually, finally, their son Malachi was returned to his rightful parents in February in the middle of a Starbucks parking lot by an Omega employee.

    So now Wardell and Jessica are thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and they don’t even have his birth certificate or social security card. Listen Jess I know you said you weren’t going to sue, and maybe don’t sue the couple directly, but jab at the surrogacy company or something? There’s gotta be SOMEthing you could do this seems insane.

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