Thanksgiving Fail? Families Charging Money For Thanksgiving Dinner?!

By Alex Firer
  • It was discovered that some families are actually charging money for people to come over and eat Thanksgiving dinner.

    Listen Grandma. Nothing is free these days. You can’t just come on by the house and expect a full turkey dinner without exchanging a little cash money. No, I don’t care that you hosted Thanksgiving every year when I was a kid and gave you nothing but headaches. This is the way it is now. The economy is bad. I need HELP.

    It all started on twitter when @beetaylora tweeted in response to someone asking her how much her family would be charging for Thanksgiving plates QUOTE, “Our plates still $30 this year” And when people responded with mostly, “wait what” she explained.

    “Lmao y’all really don’t understand this $30 thanksgiving plate thing. My aunt charges us and cooks everything and we just eat. Plus, if you pay for a $30 plate then you are insuring that you’re actually going to show up and food isn’t being wasted”

    Okay, okay I’m hearing you. If you have a hella big family or the kind where all your cousins bring their college friends —- I get it. But $30?! That’s a lil steep is it not? Can you…. get seconds? Thirds? Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is about?!

    “$30 includes your plate, a to go plate, dessert, and an open bar. We have a large family. And if friends come it’s even more.”

    Crazy. What do you think though? Would you pay your family to eat Thanksgiving dinner? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.