Why Does This Toilet Themed Restaurant Exist?!

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  • A restaurant that’s entirely themed around going the the bathroom has people extremely confused and a little grossed out.

    Modern Toilet. If you google search those words you’ll find a myriad of modern toilets for sale. And if you type “restaurant” after them, you’ll find Modern Toilet. A toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan. All of the food is served in mini toilets or bidet bowls and drinks are served in urinals. Like a noodle soup in a toilet or chocolate ice cream in a bidet. Even the sinks… are toilets.

    They have toilets you can sit on with either the lid down or the lid up, but they’re not hooked up to the plumbing, so best to keep your pants on while you eat.


    The original location in Taiwan was such a success that they’ve now expanded into Malaysia and Hong Kong. When is the toilet-eating trend coming to the U.S., you ask? Well, you may have already missed your chance.


    The Magic Restroom Cafe in the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles, was open for just over six months before closing shop in 2014. Apparently, guests just wanted to show up, take some photos, and then leave. But why wouldn’t you want to indulge in dishes with the actual names “black poop,” “smells like poop,” and “stinky tofu?”

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