YouTube Prankster Gets Head Stuck in Microwave

YouTube prankster, Jay Swingler, is in trouble with a local fire department after getting his head stuck in a microwave.
By Alejandra Moedano

  • YouTube prankster Jay Swingler got his head stuck in a microwave and the West Midlands Fire Department is not happy.

    Jay Swingler is one half of the YouTube channel TGFbro. Along with his partner, Romell Henry, they do goofy stuff like set themselves in Jell-O overnight, and shoot each other with Nerf guns filled with needles.

    For their newest video, they filled up a microwave with a spackling paste called Polyfilla, and Swingler stuck his head inside. He had a breathing tube, but after it started to harden and it became more difficult to get air, he knew he was in trouble.

    After 90 minutes of trying to get it off his head, they finally called for help. The West Midlands Fire Service spent an hour chiseling away before he was finally rescued.

    After the incident, Swingler tweeted this —

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  • Despite being grateful that the Fire Brigade saved his life, Swingler says he doesn’t regret the stunt. The West Midland Fire Service, however, is not having a laugh. They tweeted —

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  • Typically, a call to emergency services that isn’t an emergency would result in a 650-pound fine. But, they’re not going to charge Swingler for the call since his life was in danger.

    Reactions to the stunt have been mixed online —

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  • And, “Sketchy” wrote on YouTube, “Can everyone stop judging them and calling them idiots? It’s what they do. It’s funny and entertaining, they’re more than aware it’s not safe and it’s not exactly a waste of emergency services if he was about to die is it? People call in for ambulances when they get indigestion and think it’s a heart attack because their hypochondria is through the roof, that’s a waste of emergency services…”

    What do you guys think of this stunt? Was it all in good fun or should he have to pay the fine? Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter.