Ex-Staffers Launch Kickstarter to Buy Back Gawker.com

Could Gawker actually return?!
By Alex Firer
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    Source: www.kickstarter.com

  • Potentially good news for anyone who enjoys good Internet journalism! Gawker, the beloved website that outed Bill Cosby, Louis CK, and kept us up to date with the going-ons of the thing that mattered around us, was sued out of business in August, 2016 by Peter Thiel. It was, reportedly, part of a retaliation for reporting about him that he didn’t like. Cool. Rich people have money. We get it. But, you know who else has money?! We do! Univision recently purchased all Gawker media — except for Gawker.com. It’s up for bidding and Peter Thiel (the same Peter Thiel who killed it) wants to bid for it. Enter “The Gakwer Foundation” which set up a Kickstart to save Gawker.com!

    The Gawker Foundation is a group of ex-Gawker staffers who want to put together a Kickstarter to successfully purchase and relaunch Gawker.com to become again that beacon of fantastic snarky and all important journalism it once was. When you go to SaveGawker.com, it redirects you to a Kickstarter to help journalists save the website from the millionaires who have recently been scooping up excellent sources of journalism — such a Gothamist, LAist or LA Weekly, and transforming them into something unrecognizable or outright killing them. Gawker was the first — and one of the most traumatic — examples of this kind of thing, and if The Gawker Foundation can save it, that would be a wonderful thing. Consider donating to the Kickstarter yourself.

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