VIDEO: Lady Getting Kicked Out of Starbucks For Being Racist

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  • In this new age where nazis and racists are way too excited to be nazis and racists, it’s always very satisfying to see a racist be given the boot out of somewhere. In this case, an old lady gets kicked out of Starbucks for demanding that a Korean speaking woman stop speaking her language. The video is excruciating to watch until she is kicked out, as she seems so smug that the room will be on her side. That nationalism will prevail. She also says that… Obama said that this should happen? Then she hid her face with a binder to avoid being recorded? It’s not great.

    Kudos to the staff of Starbucks that kicks this lady out who ends the video saying: “You will be in big trouble when I get this letter out,” to which someone responds: “You are just pressing numbers,” which is a lovely twist. Three cops ended up coming after the video ended and escorting the lady out.

    So, good work on Starbucks reacting so quickly, and bad job racist lady for being… very racist. Why do so many racists choose Starbucks as their weird battleground? Ah, well. Who knows!

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