Most Ridiculous Racist Rants of 2017

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  • This has been, to put it as lightly as possible, a very stupid year for progress. Bigots have been empowered, and as much as we hate watching the destruction of the society we’ve built through struggle and sweat over the past four hundred years, it is fun to watch racists getting owned in videos. So here we are, without further ado — The Most Ridiculous Racist Rants of 2017. A video listicle of people ranting hateful garbage.

    The video includes rants from Union City, California, New York City, and we have that guy who drank a Lime-A-Rita who said he was a lawyer. Princess Nokia then pushed him out of a train and poured soup on him… it’s awful. We have a ton of miserable white supremacists — the dullest worst people in the world, like that old lady insulting the immigrant and calling her the n-word in a Wal-Mart getting owned here — so enjoy that.

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