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  • You know when all of us get anxious, we each have our own little quirks. Some of us tap our fingers, some of us have to take a deep breath, and some of us… are cockatiels who sing the familiar xylophone infused Apple ringtone when our owners laces up his shoes to leave the house. This is the adorable reaction of Lucky, a cockatiel who sings a near perfect rendition of that familiar new Millennium ringtone, specifically when he thinks his owner is going to leave, which is so, so, so, so sweet! The video went viral, and how could it not? It is adorable!

    But, anxiety isn’t just Lucky’s only reaction to some difficult emotions. There’s also anger — keyboard destroying anger! Like when Lucky hears his own video, the poor soul doesn’t want to be reminded of his own anxiety! He walks over to the keyboard and pecks out the escape key and leaves.

  • Lucky. You’ve went viral twice.


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