Or should we say... blinks out...
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  • Amongst the top memes of 2017, “blinking guy” has been one that has kept the hearts of the Internet warm with one shocked reaction to something he simply does not fully understand. Are you being served some goofy trash that is incomprehensible for you? Well then, let the blinking guy set it straight. Here’s an example of the blinking guy doing his thing, as best he could.

  • Well, it turns out blinking guy has a NAME gosh darn it! His name is Drew Scanlon and he went on Good Morning America to discuss his incredible rise to fame, and he is surprisingly… insightful about it.

    The meme — which was taken from a video game livestream a few years back — is popular because, as Scanlon explains: “We don’t really have a way of communicating body language over the Internet… and memes are kind of that.” The Good Morning America crew then goes into a long discussion over whether it’s pronounced gif or jif but it’s like — who cares! I want to know what blinking guy is feeling and thinking! What do you think of the blinking man? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.