Comedian Yells “Lock Him Up” at Disneyland Trump

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  • It’s been a tough few days for Disneyland. First, the power outages roll through town, then the Disneyland Trump is most decidedly not a hit with the locals. First deemed and mocked as hideous, the robot Trump is now getting yelled at! Comedian Jay Malsky figured he’ll never get close enough to the real Trump, so he might as well spend some blessed time yelling at his robot!

    The video goes normally, then we hear Jay shout “lock him up, lock him up” at the robot — mocking and changing the famous chant Donald Trump led during the RNC shortly before being investigated for colliding with Russia himself. Oops. Boy, it’s impressive how long he chants it for. Go, buddy, go! Go, go, go!

    Ah, how satisfying. The robot Trump, though, just wants to do his job. It’s the real Trump that deserves to hear you yelling!

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