Protesters Project “@jack is #complicit” on Twitter HQ After Trump Tweet Threatens Nuclear War

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  • So, imagine you’ve created an app that lets people post tiny little messages to each other. You know, you’ve created Twitter, you feel me? And imagine — just imagine — America’s loudest most obnoxious demagogue uses it to spread hate, accuse the media and — apparently — threaten nuclear war. Well, just to put it metaphorically, he tweets this.

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  • Yup. Donald Trump is using Twitter to goad the leader of North Korea and also — I guess— say he has a bigger dick than him in a metaphor. Bigger button? What an idiot! Yup. Donald Trump is threatening nuclear war on Twitter which then begs the question — why is Donald Trump still on Twitter?! What does it take to get the guy banned from Twitter? I know he’s the president, but he won’t be the president of very much if it gets incinerated with a nuclear bomb. For goodness sakes!

    So, the question on everyone’s lips — why doesn’t Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, just freakin’ ban Donald Trump already? What does it take?

    In any case — a group called “Resistance SF” called upon Jack Dorsey to either ban Trump or resign before we are all plunged to nuclear war. Although I doubt Jack Dorsey will do either — he should do something! Afterall, Twitter is a private platform and isn’t legally obligated to host the president.

    Plus, I, your gentle writer — got banned twice for calling Jack Dorsey a slut. Come on!

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