Mike Tyson Wants to Build a Weed Ranch in California

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  • Mike Tyson has been many things in his life: a boxer, a movie star, a video game star, an animated detective, and a criminal. Now he’s adding “weed entrepreneur” to his Wikipedia page. According to The Blast, Tyson and his two business partners plan to build a massive “cannabis resort” in the deserts of Southern California. The trio officially broke ground on their property in December.

    As of January 1st, California became the 6th state to allow recreational marijuana, so Tyson and others now have the opportunity to legally sell it with an official license.

    The resort is called “Tyson Ranch” and will dedicate half of it’s 40 acres to growing and cultivating the plant. They plan to employ “professional growers” who will research and develop new strains of weed. In addition, Tyson Ranch plans to have an educational school and a hydro-feed plant and supply shop for people looking to learn more about growing cannabis themselves.

    But the main draw will be Tyson Ranch’s “premium ‘glamping’ campgrounds and cabins” for people to stay in, with a nearby amphitheater for live music, and a factory for marijuana edibles.

    The property is close to Edwards Air Force Base, and the plan is to staff the Ranch with mostly veterans. The Blast reports that Pure Hemp Farms will also supply those in service with CBD, which is the compound in marijuana that doesn’t get you high but does alleviate stress, which has been used to treat PTSD.

    Organic CBD Nugs are not only helping veterans but legalizing weed will have a huge impact on California’s economy. The new industry is projected to create about 1200 jobs, and collect one billion dollars in tax revenue in 2018 alone.

    We don’t know when Tyson Ranch will open officially, but the new business already has official support from the local government who are hoping the attraction will usher in a “rebirth” for the surrounding areas.

    Tyson was known to use marijuana well before it became legal. In 2000, he was fined for testing positive, and he said in his memoir that he would get high before a big fight.

    As news of Tyson Ranch hit social media, people posted their support.

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  • But not everyone thinks this story is amusing.

    According to Leafbuyer, a marijuana industry website, California produces about 5 times the amount of weed that Californians smoke. Even with tourism accounted for, California already more marijuana than it knows what to do with. This also makes it much harder for smaller businesses to compete in the market.

    In other words, huge celebrity cannabis farms are actually producing more weed than we need.

    So what do you think? Will you be planning a vacation to Tyson Ranch when you’re looking for things to do in Pismo Beach? Let us know!

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