Amra ‘FLitz’ Ricketts Leaves Smosh Games Amid Allegations of Sexual Assault

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  • The end of 2017 saw an astonishing amount of allegations made against various powerful men in various industries — especially the entertainment industry. Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Louis CK, and many, many more were all accused of sexual assault — shedding light on a big issue in Hollywood.

    Just days into the new year, YouTube Star Amra ‘FLitz’ Ricketts has decided to leave Smosh Games amid multiple allegations of sexual assault. Following the claims, Ricketts changed both his Facebook profile photo and cover photo to black, and posted this on Twitter.

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  • As stated above, Ricketts is denying all allegations.

    The claims started last weekend — alleged victim Raqeuy Strange shared their experience with Ricketts on Facebook that describes coercing Raquey into a group sex act at his house in North Hollywood. Raquey’s full statement can be read below.

  • Raquey describes Ricketts as “a sexual predator” who “actually seeks out and preys on vulnerable young women and literally sees himself as a wolf spiritually.” Of his home, Strange says “he created a cult environment… surround[ing] himself with women who were in tight spots… shower[ing] [them] with generosity and excitement.” He would let these women live in his house, but in return they would feel like they owed him something.

    Raquey goes on to explain that when Ricketts was confronted with consent, his reaction was that of, “oh fuck that. Don’t pull that shit on me. That’s not how this works. Not with me.”

    Raquey was brave to speak out, and in doing so — more victims were able to come forth.

    In the comments of Raquey’s post, April Effie posted — “I felt I could not come forward bc I was not personally involved even though I have been sexually assaulted by him in the past. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

    Facebook user Saera Her also shared her experience with Ricketts on a website called Stickam. Saera was underage and “he constantly tried to convince [her] to have a sexual relationship with him.” She continued, “he didn’t care if I had a boyfriend or if he had one or the fact that I was 16~17 and he was way older and would constantly talk about the size of his penis out of nowhere and about the anatomy of asian women to say it lightly and how he would ‘destroy asian women.'”

    Another victim — Jessa Day — stated she did not want to talk about her experience just yet, but confirmed Raquey’s story. You can read Jessa’s statement below.

  • Just yesterday, Raquey released the following messages on Twitter — an “old friend” of FLitz’s claiming she was raped by him.

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  • As of now, their have been no further claims against Ricketts, and he is “working with a lawyer to disprove all false claims against” him to restore his name.

    Smosh Games also posted the following statement on Twitter — “Today we say goodbye to our Smosh family member, Flitz. We appreciate your understanding and love you all.”

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