“New California” Declares Independence

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  • “New California” has officially declared their independence. Well, kind of. A group of Californians want to split the state in half, calling for new lines to be drawn, and the formation of the 51st state in the U.S., but could this really happen?

    The idea for a “New California” began in 2016 as an effort from rural, conservative areas to divorce themselves from the traditionally blue state. Here’s how the group’s Facebook Page puts it —

    New California is a new state in development by egregiously aggrieved Californians exercising our Constitutional right to form a new state separate from the tyranny and lawlessness of the state of California.

    Their proposal is to basically split off California’s rural areas into a 51st state. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento — most of the populated coastal areas — would remain as “regular California.” New California would take San Diego, along with basically everything else. Additionally, the group’s website lists offices in Fresno, Orange, and Yuba City.

    New California described their grievances as such —

    The nature of the state becoming ungovernable has caused a decline in essential basic services such as education, law enforcement, fire protection, transportation, housing, health care, taxation, voter rights, banking, state pension systems, prisons, state parks, water resource management, home ownership, infrastructure and many more.

    According to Paul Preston, the Vice Chair for New California, since the group issued the declaration, he’s received dozens of calls in support. Dozens.

    So, how possible is “New California” from a legal standpoint? Well, here’s how the rules are set in the First Clause of Section Three of the Constitution. Basically, first California state lawmakers would need to vote to split up the state. Then, Congress would have to approve it.

    Basically — it’s not going to happen.

    Nevertheless, the group is moving forward to spread the word and raise support. On social media, though — people are not having it.

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  • What this really shows us, though, is the continuing divide between “red” and “blue” America. At some point, we are going to need to figure out how we’re all going to share this country together in a way where we’re not all constantly yelling at each other.

    What do you think? Is “New California” a legit possibility? Do they have a point? Let us know in the comments below.

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