Ruth Bader Ginsburg Expresses Love of Kate McKinnon SNL Portrayal

The Supreme Court Justice went on the record as saying she wishes she could drop some Gins-burns of her own.
By Alex Firer
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  • Look, I feel like the ultimate compliment is to have Kate McKinnon portray you in pretty much anything. Or maybe not a compliment, maybe blistering soul x-ray of a take. The SNL superstar has played Hillary Clinton as a manic bullet of ambition, Jeff Sessions as a Forrest Gumpian possum like idiot, and just this weekend played Robert Mueller. To have Kate MacKinnon portray you is to have an observant seer gaze into your soul and then produce a manic wide-eyed version of yourself that is truer than any image you have put out into the world. Also, she can drop some Gins-burns. You know, if she absolutely wanted to. Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is amongst one of her most reverential.

    McKinnon’s version of Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows her as a wry, sharp, and excited figure happy to tell it like it is about the vast and labyrinth political system in front of her with one of her patented “Gins-burns”. Well, during a discussion of issues much, much, much more important than an SNL portrayal, Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about how much she enjoyed the actress portraying her and how she always dreamed of dropping a few Gins-burns of her own! Check out McKinnon’s original version below.

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