Jennifer Lopez Teams Up With YouTube Stars to Promote Super Saturday Night

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  • Chachi Gonzales, David Dobrik, Scotty Sire, Todd Smith, and Waffsicle Productions. What do all of these content creators have in common — aside from being incredibly talented? Well, they all just collaborated with Jennifer Lopez to promote her DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night concert.

    Between the Fear Box Challenge, recreating iconic outfits, and surprising Chachi Gonzales — Jennifer really embraced her collaborations. Check them out below!

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    The Fear Box Challenge is simple — stick your hands in a box, hope whatever is on the other side doesn’t bite you, and finally — guess what it is.

    What makes this video so incredibly funny to watch is the fact that Jennifer is not down for the “surprise” element of the challenge. At one point she asks, “Who agreed to this?” to which Dobrik responds, “Your team.”

    Though Dobrik tries his best to scare Jennifer, she quickly gets comfortable guessing the items in the box.

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    This might be the cutest prank of all time.

    Chachi Gonzales — dancer, choreographer, and actress — is a Jennifer Lopez superfan. While getting her makeup done, Jennifer, being the ultimate prankster she is, switches places with Chachi’s makeup artist. When Chachi opens her eyes, it’s safe to say she’s completely shocked to see Jennifer standing in front of her!

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    Collin Duddy and Julien Solomita are the best friend duo that makeup Waffsicle Productions.

    One of the series the pair is known for is Last Minute Trips — in other words, throw a dart at a map to decide your next destination. Well, It just so happens that in this video, their dart conveniently lands on Minneapolis, Minnesota — home of Super Bowl LII and Super Saturday Night.

    When J Lo personally invites the guys to her show, they can’t help but stare in awe. Who can blame them, though? It’s Jennifer freakin’ Lopez!

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    Jennifer Lopez’s style has been on point for years. So, who better than to recreate some of her most iconic looks than two guys, right?

    Well, Scotty Sire and Todd Smith did just that. While Jennifer admired their commitment to the looks, I think we can all agree she rocked them a lot better.

  • Though Lopez’s concert is sold out, fans will still be able to tune into with the Super Saturday Night live broadcast on AT&T Audience Network or on DIRECTV NOW social media handles on February 3 at 9 PM (PST/ 12 AM (EST).

    Which collaboration did you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

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