Post Malone SLAMMED For Armed Humvee Stunt

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  • Rapper Post Malone got an earful from some fans after he posted a video many found offensive. Post Malone posted the video to Twitter on the evening of January 24.

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  • It shows him riding around Las Vegas on an armed military vehicle. Many fans found the video offensive, considering that the largest mass shooting in U.S. history happened in Vegas back in October. On Twitter, Ryan Culley said: “After the 2017 Vegas Shooting, seems in bad taste to parade around the city with a massive gun… I guess that’s America for ya, eh?”, and adult star Christie Stevens urged women at the AVNExpo in Vegas to stay away from the rapper.

    Initially, Post Malone was surprised at the outrage.

    He responded to Christie Stevens “the gun isn’t even real y’all. i was at battlefield vegas and they gave me a ride back in the Humvee. it really has nothing to do with anything. just was having fun. never thought anyone would assume that i was being disrespectful.”

    Eventually, he did issue an apology on Twitter, writing — “honestly, never meant to offend anybody. i apologize if i did. had no bad intentions. got offered a ride in the humvee and took it. -posty”

    But this Internet rage doesn’t even scratch the surface of irresponsible gun advertising considering there’s a big gun convention going on this weekend in Vegas called The Shot Show.

    But with emotions still raw over the shooting less than four months ago, The Shot Show felt they had to address the issue. They wrote: “The exhibitors and attendees are well aware of tragedies involving the criminal misuse of firearms and feel genuine sympathy for the victims. But they know that the lawful commerce in firearms serving millions of law-abiding citizens is completely unconnected to the actions of criminals or the seriously mentally ill who are intent on doing harm.”

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