Jimmy Kimmel Segment Shows Horrible Lack of Empathy of Anti Immigration Supporters

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  • I’m sure Kimmel expected the segment to go differently, but that was not to be. Earlier this week — right before he interviewed porn star Stormy Daniels — Jimmy Kimmel organized a segment where he met with those opposing DACA — (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) — the act allowing those who came to this country illegally at a young age to continue to stay and work and be allowed to be members of society rather than be shipped away to a country they barely remember. At first, Kimmel interviewed opponents of DACA — some who made the decision to come decked out in their “Make American Great Again” hats — who gave the usual excuses made by opponents of the Act. Then Kimmel introduces them to a wonderful family whose matriarch came to the country illegally as a baby. She has a son and a husband who is in the military. And, folks. The opponents of DACA? Well, they made the decision to continue to be shitty.

    The video is hard to watch as the family stays calm and the opponents of DACA continue to make aggressive, easily fallible arguments to why they should be deported. One claims they should get a social security card, and the DACA recipient tells them she already has. Another says that even though they might disagree, they can agree that America is most intersectional in the world, and Kimmel interjects. No, in fact, he says, it is very cruel — and he points to the people themselves as evidence.

    This is a hard video to watch, but what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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