Current ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Also Currently on DOJ’s Missing Persons List

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  • It must be kind of a surreal thing, to wonder where on Earth your missing daughter is, only to look up on your television screen (during the primest of times no less), to see her accepting a rose on that beloved matchmaking reality show “The Bachelor.”That wasn’t quite the situation that arose when contestant Bekah M. was discovered to be on the Department of Justice’s Missing Persons list in California, but it was true — while the contestant was reported missing she was appearing on this popular reality show. The story unraveled when her face was seen on the front page of the North Coast Journal,” showing thirty-five missing faces — one of them belonging to the celebrity contestant.

    Bekah was identified as not missing after law enforcement checked her Instagram feed and connected with the woman who was reported missing by her mother on November 18th, 2017. However, Bekah has been posting on social media since November 23rd — so, yeah. I guess maybe she was missing because she wasn’t allowed any social media connection on The Bachelor? I don’t know. This is odd. Bekah herself tweeted about the incident saying—

  • Come on Bekah’s mom. Be cool! Your daughter’s a TV star now.

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