VIDEO: Celebrating Eagles Fan Eats Horse Poop

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  • Philly fans are an insane bunch, when they’re not overturning cars, climbing up greasy, greasy poles or generally being an excitable bunch, they’re topping themselves in their fan adulation by eating a big old pile of horse manure. Here’s the video of the horse poop eating individual, my dudes!

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  • Gross! But, hey. A bunch of people he’ll never meet threw a ball better than a bunch of people I’ll never meet.

    I’m sure this video of everyone cheering the guy on could be used in a clinical study on the effects of the pressure of a crowd, but also, hey! The guy ate some sh*t.

    Look, I’m from Boston. Was it fun to see our quarterback try to throw an invisible ball like a weird dumb baby? No, I cannot say that it very much was, but look. At least no one in Boston ate horse shit, alright? Yeah, Bostonians are an equally ridiculous bunch, and yeah. When the Red Sox win the series again, yeah. We’ll probably overturn Fenway Park sending the Big Green Monster into the ocean to paddle for his pathetic Green Monster life, but my friends. We didn’t eat any horse shit, and that’s something very important to consider!

    What sports team would have to win for you to eat a bunch of horse droppings? Please, let us know in the comments. Just comment with the name of a sports team. Then go follow us on @WhatsTrending for more news about horse poop. Who’s eating it, who’s pooping it, the whole nine horse yards.

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